Procrastination is not just for writing

After all of the SSA stuff I had to deal with, I decided it was time to finally change my surname officially. I’ve been married for three years and using my married name in all that time, except for super official business and “name as it appears on card” type of things. My maiden name is on my son’s birth certificate. I figured I should get my name changed in time for our second child. …which is not an announcement that I’m pregnant. Noooo. Because this is going to take so effing long.

Now that I’ve changed my name with Social Security, I have to change it on:

  • Driver’s license
  • Bank accounts
  • Passport

The bank accounts won’t be too big of a thing. And I have to renew my passport anyway, so I’ll have to save that for last because of reasons. But the DMV is the biggest pain in the butt. Waiting at the SSA office wasn’t so bad. But I’ve had to wait at the DMV a number of times, and the black hole of hopelessness there is tangible. Also, it smells.

So I’m putting it off for now. I have to gather some documents for my passport anyway.


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