Trying out Scrivener

After taking a couple of days to go through the IMMENSE tutorial, I have already forgotten half of it. When people sell courses or books about learning this software, they aren’t joking around. However, it’s like that because it can be used by writers of basically every type, from novelists to lawyers. I’m tempted to use it to do some transcription. Because Scrivener makes that kind of work a million times easier than anything else does.

I’ve tried out a few templates, and just when I figured I’d scrap my current project to make a new template and then start over, I figured out how to make it work within the novel template. I have had some success working with phase outlines, both in testing my commitment to a project and in getting actual writing done. Since Scrivener is all about organisation, it is the perfect place to use a phase outline. Every part of the process can be done in Scrivener.

The last time I used a phase outline, I had to use Microsoft Word, Yarny, and Excel to do things the way I wanted. Oh yeah, and Dropbox. I’ll probably still use that for backing up. So all of this:





Is pared down to this:


Even the need for Excel went away after I put in some phase completion tables. No spreadsheet fun, as far as I know, but a table works in mostly the same way I need it to. It’s just nice to have everything in one place, really.

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