The State of the Party

Now that I’ve pretty much gone through all of the party pieces that I had written, old and new, I have a better idea of what I want to do with the story. Originally, I had intended it to be serial in the way I’ve already presented it, so that’s why the large cast of vocal characters happened. This means that transferring the idea to novel form is probably going to be more than one novel.

At first, I thought, that’s completely ridiculous. How long is this party? I was counting on a couple of days, but dang. However, it could work for romance novellas. They’d be set at different times, with different couples that all relate to the party in some way.

  • Organising the party – The Party Planner and The MC
  • The catastrophe during the party – The Professional Guest and The Family Friend
  • The end of the party – Another Professional Guest and the Prince

With maybe an option for the afterparty, with the doctor and the space case. That’d be nice, because it would round it up to a four, which is a round number. This week, I’ll probably summarise and phase the first one. See how it goes from today. :)


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