And I Suddenly Remember I Have a Blog!

Somehow things have reverted to the way they were when I first started this blog. “Because I feel like it! But only when I feel like it!” Hurrah. Today, I feel like it. Also, some cool stuff has happened, and I feel the need to catalog it, since this day has been on the horrendous side.

I’ve been a fully realised Romance reader, as we all know perfectly well. And I did it in about three years. So I thought it was about time I joined the Harlequin rewards program. And soon after registering, I looked through my library and realised with a sheepish grin that all of the Harlequin books I own were given to me. Almost all of them are destined-for-the-bin Love Inspireds that Jared gave me, in fact. Which is great, but it means that I don’t have any purchases to redeem. How red is my face, right? Apparently everything I buy is Hachette or Macmillan. Oops.


Back when I was pregnant and bored and not sleeping at night, I bought Pregnesia. I even wrote a review about it. And guess what, you guys. It’s a Harlequin Intrigue. I remember thinking at the time that I hated to buy a book when I had so many free books and library TBRs. Also, I never bought ebooks at that time. (that time is incredibly over) It wasn’t an ebook vs print book thing, it was a miserly “I have access to a bazillion FREE books thanks” thing. But it was called PREGNESIA so of course I forked over my moneys.

Now I am 200 points away from a free book from the rewards program. Also scouring my memories to uncover and possible purchases that fall under Harlequin’s roof.


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