Because I said I would.

I am not against adventures in eating. In fact, phrased just that way, it makes me remember my favourite thing from Something a Week. However, I am against snack food basically being terrible.

It’s just such a waste.

Every now and then, Hubby and I go to the grocery store for one or two small things, usually the kind of thing that has a randomly occurring need or occasionally gets forgotten in a more routine trip, and we come home with some weird food that just looked interesting. Usually, it’s drinks. I have tried everything from Purple Stuff (yes, it does taste like carbonated grape Dimetapp) to Zuberfizz Chocolate Soda. I have yet to try the latter with vanilla ice cream.

Then potato crisps started to have the flavours of dinner. Biscuits and gravy, gyros, and something like garlic risotto, I’ve forgotten the ones I didn’t try. Some made even me stand back and say, “NO.” We got the first two, and yeah, those should have both been a no as well.

The gyro flavour were kettle chips, which was a good choice for type, I guess. They did taste of lamb, but more of (boring) pita, tomato and that awful red sauce that you can (mistakenly) choose instead of tzaziki. When I ate more than two, they started to just taste like licking a spice bottle. It was gross.

And biscuits and gravy just tasted like Regular with a faint idea that sausages might have walked by.

This is a really stupid topic, but I need some stupid topics right now. I am buried in books (almost literally) so that I can’t tell if I’ve destroyed my hobby or if I’m enjoying it to the point of addiction. I’ll probably review something like Shadow Breakers tomorrow. Hot dman was that book lacking.


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