A long time ago, in a realisation far away…

One of those crappy, “Oh I should start blogging again” posts that I wrote was about joining Harlequin Rewards. It’s been awesome, especially when I discovered Maisey Yates. I have bought all of the Copper Ridge series in both print and digital formats. Still trying to get Hubby to read them. I think he will, it’ll just be a while. It took me a year to get him to read Johannes Cabal, and those books are practically starring him.

The majority of my Harlequins are still free stuff I was given or declaimed library books I bought. But now I have actually bought more than just Pregnesia at 2:00am. I’ve tried new authors and expanded into more subgenres. I used to just read historicals, first because I liked the covers, then because that was absolutely what I was into. Now I love western romance (of course cowboys, I’m from the southwest!), paranormals, intrigue, and there’s a special shelf for my Love Inspired so my mum can read them.

Which reminds me, I need more vikings. I have Highlanders coming out of my ears, but I am low on vikings.

Romance is such an amazing genre. I love the term Romancelandia, as it conveys just how zarqing big it is, and also notes the humour that we all have about and in it. Although I shouldn’t pick favourites, I do tend to love my bookfriends who read Romance the best.

Maybe this is coming out of nowhere. I guess after a long absence, anything I have to say is coming out of nowhere. Soon, I want to talk about rediscovering my love for the Aquabats thanks to Owen. Zarqing fardwarks, he’s going to be three in a fortnight.


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