Dialogue Fun Times

Fisher: The hell?! Get out of my car, man!
Jake: Can’t! Drive!
Fisher: You wha–
Jake: reaches over to stomp gas pedal
Fisher: grabs wheel, knuckles white
Fisher: Are you insane?
Jake: leans out open window Not today, cupcake.
Fisher: …cupcake?
Jake: relaxes back in seat Hey, guy. Thanks for aiding my escape back there.
Fisher: sarcastic Oh sure, no problem. Mind telling me what you’re escaping?
Jake: You wouldn’t believe me.
Fisher: You’re probably right.
Jake: beamish smile, looks around self
Jake: Nice car.
Fisher: blink  Er… Thanks?
awkward silence
Jake: So where’re we going?
Fisher: Dude, I don’t even know. You just hijacked my car and now I’m going north.
Jake: North.
Fisher: Yeah.
Jake: That’s all y’all got for me.
Fisher: Now you’re gonna start making demands?!
Jake: Nah, I’m not the demanding type.
Fisher: Aside from shrieking “DRIVE” at a total stranger.
Jake: Special circumst–whoa hey hey! I do not shriek.
Fisher: inclines head Yeeeah your voice got a bit high back there.
Jake: Did not.
Fisher: Oh, it absolutely did.
Jake: I have a high voice, okay? I’m a tenor.
Fisher: Is that a musical term for, “I shriek when I get tense?”
Jake: frosty tone No.
Fisher: Relax. I’m sure you have a very good reason for… anything you do.
Fisher: …reasonably sure.
Jake: You got a name, guy?
Fisher: It’s Fisher.
Jake: First or last?
Fisher: What?
Jake: Never mind. My name is Jake. Last, but my first name is basically awful so I won’t tell you what it is.
Fisher: Wait, your last name is Jake?
Jake: You dwell on very minor details, Fish.
Jake: It’s not healthy.
Fisher: My name is Fisher.
Jake: It’s called a nickname, Fish.

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