Culinary experimentation

Over the course of our married years, Hubby has had many insights to offer about me. When they are funny, these tend to take the form of likening me to something that I materially am not (or seem not to be).

Among my favourites are:

  • A fifty-year-old gay British man
  • A Mary Sue with sparkly colour-changing eyes and ringlets
  • Twelve

One of the most recent is a bit damning. While we were trying to decide what to get at a fast food place, I found myself in a truly ridiculous paroxysm of indecision. I knew it was ridiculous, too. Because normal people don’t eat the way I do. Normal people don’t consider a corn dog or candy floss desirable dinners.

When I admitted to my dilemma, Hubby laughed at me and said that I eat like a carnival. Which is horribly, awfully, DREADFULLY true.

Last night, we were split-screening youtube videos on my PC because he wanted to watch a retrospective of Magic: The Gathering lore, and I wanted to watch Mosogourmet and Bonobos25 make delicious food. One of my videos opened my eyes to a food that I should have invented myself when I was eight: RAMEN PIZZA.

It was weeeell after midnight and I had to forcibly remind myself that we didn’t have any of the ingredients and no one who sold them was open. So the next day (yesterday) we got them. And it was glorious.


It didn’t even make a terrible mess. Next time I might mix the noodles with some eggs so it’ll stick together better, but it wasn’t that much of an issue. In all, it probably took twenty minutes to half an hour, mostly because we weren’t sure how long anything would take to cook enough. There were two pieces left over, so I shall have to report how well this dish reheats.


These pictures were taken with Hubby’s new smartphone. It’s his first one ever, and I’m still jazzed that he actually broke down and let me make him get one. Just in time for his trip to Lagoon with Owen, which was last Friday. I’ll try to get some of those photos together and make a short post, since I wasn’t able to go with them and so have no firsthand toddler stories.


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