Today is my day off.

Yesterday was not a day for getting things done. Wednesdays often aren’t. Definitely coming down with something (hooray summer colds…) and I’ll be honest… Fallout 4 mods hit Xbox One.

Still, I managed to get some writing done. I’m still working on Chapter Nine of The Weight of Water. It’s a Meghan chapter, which means it isn’t easy to write. Maybe they used to be, but I don’t recall that being the case. My long absence from writing also means that I have to re-read and revise occasionally. Not ready for merely full-forward momentum yet.

But we all know how much I can increase my output if someone promises me achievements. If I can get back to some kind of gamification, I’ll probably go crazy again. I just never grew out of stickers, I guess.

I’m also rushing to read a bunch of things. It’s not easy to read an audiobook faster, even if you’re weird like me and don’t mind turning the speed up past 2.7x. Everything is due at the library apparently right now. Ugh. How does three weeks keep turning into two days?

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