Happy Birthday to me~

Hit a bit of a snag with chapter ten. Synda is usually a favourite when I ask for feedback, and I am still coming in after a long hiatus. So basically, I am currently intimidated by myself. :O Which is just as stupid as it sounds, but of course perfectly valid.

More substantially, I have officially crossed the point where I can write on the fly and worry about the other half of the plot later.

The other half of the plot has arrived.


Thanks to Hubby’s mind-blowing skills as a sounding board, I have actually figured out the real high concept of the OHOTP. I have the groups that make up the conflict, why they are conflicting (broadly…) and a couple of characters in one of those groups.

I may have to make a note for draft two: expand more and sooner on why the alpha team failed to find signs of civilisation in this world.

Yesterday, I also wrote about twelve phases to try to outline chapter ten. It might not end up being more than a general guide of what I originally wanted to do in this chapter, but it’s kept me from just having writer’s block.



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