I Should Have Read That YEARS AGO

I don’t actually remember how many of the Dresden Files books I read, but I only actually recall reading the first two. I am positive that I read more than that, but memories do not surface. It was back in the golden days (nights) of working at the SLC REC, when I could get through an audiobook a shift. I hadn’t read much urban fantasy at all, and I had heard very little about Harry Dresden. No clue how I got the books or why I started reading them. I certainly didn’t know anyone else who had read them.

Possibly I had a weird friend with a crush on James Marsters.

Mostly the books I remember listening to at the REC were Librivox recordings that varied wildly in quality, The Egyptologist fifty smeg-jillion times (damn I love that book), Fly By Night, and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Since then, I’ve made new friends, some of whom LOVE this series with the blazing admiration of multiple suns. And yet I never picked it up again until now. It has been literally years. It is slightly likely that I’m just bloody-minded. There is a special category for books on my TBR list that were recommended to me and yet have gone literally years without being read.

The Thief is still mocking me. It’s been a decade. No exaggeration.

…actually, as much as I want to get right into Fool Moon, I think I should read The Thief. Today, the mockery will end! Even if I have to stay up all night reading with a torch under the duvet.

It is perhaps indicative that right after I typed that, Owen woke up from the world’s longest nap and climbed into my lap. We watched La Leyenda de la Nahuala. It’s… still not as good as Llorona. The animation is really bad and the acting is usually painful.


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