Gravity Owes Me

Apparently when I mutter that, it sounds like “crappy husband.” Hilarious hijinx did not ensue, but many laughs were had by all.

Yesterday was very up and down. Mom went to Oregon to see her sister in hospital. Not incredibly last minute, but still somehow incredibly last minute. Plans that had been made did not stay made nor go through correctly. Hubby was put out by this. (they were kind of his plans) My cycle began anew, which meant insanely bad flare-ups, brain fog, and a prolonged attack of soul-crushing depression.

That was not fun.

I was unclear in my last post when I talked about people who won’t say no directly. It sounded like I was talking about something going on right now. It isn’t, actually. It’s such an old issue, you guys. I don’t even know why it came up then. I was just complaining. It was a really shite day.

The brain fog was so bad that I couldn’t even read. It didn’t help that I was trying to read The Rosie Effect. It was so awful that I actually closed it and put it the hell away because I knew it could only make me feel worse. My notes in my book log just say, “What a joyless piece of shit.”

Today has been mostly better. I finished the awful book, which was both joyless and a piece of shit. So at least it’s out of the way. I accidentally sent it to Conrad in a care package, intending to send him the first book. But I sent him like 800 other books, so hopefully I won’t have to warn him off of it.

Next book I read is going to be something fun. A dumb cosy mystery or something by Diana Rowland.

Music: I’m a Winner – The Aquabats!

Feeling: distressed


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