Bad hands


Listening to: Rise Up – Abney Park

I’ve had plenty to journal about, but my hands have not been cooperating. Yesterday, especially, I have saved up my less painful times for writing a new story.

There have been a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head lately. Two in particular have warred for my time. The Party (remember that?) has been an off-and-on idea for a couple of years. I reworked the party itself. It’s now a Golden-Week-esque series of holidays culminating in the crown prince’s birthday. There is also a cheesecake festival. I have the entire thing planned out as a series of four Romances.

The first book is easy, and I have had it all but outlined for a while now. The other couples are harder. I know who they are and how some of them get together, but I don’t know how they all link into the different stages of the party. One of the reasons that I changed it to a different kind of event. Also because the Selection and similar books have happened, and I didn’t really like the premise anymore.

Anyway, that one is still in planning and research. Which is why I’m focusing on my other idea.

I have about 6K words of chapter one and copious notes that began with an old idea and a lipstick joke. I actually wrote the end-ish of the first chapter before the rest of it, so I’ll probably still be tying that together today. And I was up until nearly 2 writing, so that’s another reason it needs looking over before I move on to the next chapter.

…but first, I have a toddler to settle down for Chill Out Time with Sherlock.

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