It goes, at least


Listening to: Ashes – NateWantsToBattle

Just finishing up Chapter 2. I had an idea for the first line of chapter 3, but I had to pretend to be asleep so Owen wouldn’t climb out of bed. Pretending to be asleep is pretty much how I go to sleep, so that particular idea has flown. Just going to have to think of a better one. I’ve got a throwaway title that will probably stick (they always do, the bastards) and a phone call from Itamar’s ima to write.

His first chapter was much harder to write than Gideon’s. I started out with much less in terms of concept, and his world is so much less centred on himself that it felt like there was not enough focus on him in his own chapter.

While I was puzzling over this, I stuck on a line that had come out while writing that I had absolutely not considered beforehand. “Itamar was a born fixer.” Hubby pointed out that this went well with being a slick liar. This character has family problems, and may just now be coming to terms with the fact that his family is all grown up.

His grandfather lives with his parents. His oldest brother lives in a nearby but different town and checks in on their parents regularly. His older sisters both have their own homes, one is married with a baby. His two youngest brothers are both away at university–not even the same university.

It’s a small town. Most of the kids he grew up with are married, living with their parents, or moved away. He has a degree that he doesn’t use. The dating pool is incredibly shallow, so he can either get back together with his best friend (again) or drive to a  bar in another town. Of course he is going to spend most of his time thinking about anything other than himself.

I was supposed to get a fight scene, but he got really stuck in his head in this chapter and I ran out of time/space. Still, it fits. The chapter basically covers his shift, and Gideon’s chapter took place in an even shorter space of time. Next chapter time skips for physical healing.


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