Uphill Battle


Listening to: Assassin’s Life for Me – Teamheadkick

This post is so doomed. I started writing it on Sunday. Got some upsetting news that took me all of Monday to get over. I still don’t want to talk about it, but I do want to talk about something else that I am not upset about.

The reason I want to talk about it is because anyone would think that’s why I’m upset, and the fact that it doesn’t upset me at all–that actually makes me perversely happy. I got a rejection from a publisher, and I’m cool with it. Full disclosure: I half-expected it. I just needed to get myself out there and I did that. Plus, my marine gave me the best Fighting! speech ever.


So now that I’m dealing with the upsetting thing, I’m feeling pretty good. I did some research (read: got carried away flipping through my favourite parts of The Duchess War) to figure out how I want to do POV shifts. I concluded that I want them to have clear transitions (unlike some old skools and the Suzanne Enoch nearest my bed) not constricted to one POV for the entire chapter, and not a regular ABAB cycle.

On the way home from one of our semi-regular library trips, I came up with a funny moment with Itamar’s family. Some families put prospective in-laws through the obstacles of social awkwardness, invasive questions, or straight-up threatening to kill them.


While Itamar absolutely has a family that would do that, they have better, more original ways to put Gideon through the gauntlet. His two younger brothers drive up from university to play D&D. They threaten the Tomb of Horrors. But he wins them over a bit when he makes a pun about Moil.

Writing this story is still loose and fun. A lot of the time, I’m making notes, trying out jokes aloud on myself, or researching animals. Red foxes are easy, but it’s harder to get answers about white tailed eagles. I’m a bit uneasy about writing a book with two different types of shifters, especially since I’ve never read any books with avian shifters (I don’t think), and I don’t think foxes are common either. I know that other than the obvious wolves, lions and bears are totally a thing. But my library card is a bit… full, so I don’t really want to look around at other shifter books right now.

(recommendations are welcome though)


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