Holy crap I am writing so much

But none of it is on my blog. Embarrassed face.


Listening to: Fánar Burtur Brandaljóð – Tyr

(and Where Eagles Dare, because HAH. Eagle shifters in my story.)

Still have a shaky working title of “Cold Hands”, which isn’t actually bad in how it refers to one of the main characters and a major plot element. I have about seven chapters and almost 30K words. I hit a snag with Chapter 7, with some research things and also it’s running long.

At first, I was just pantsing this thing. It evolved into an incredibly different beast by the middle of chapter two (like a pokemon!) and now it’s absolutely nothing like my original idea. The only remaining aspect is that there is a fake engagement. Even Itamar’s name is different. (it used to be Amit)

My original plan for Chapter 7 was a quick, maybe 600-word outline that I wrote while putting Owen to sleep and Chapter 6 was almost but not quite done. I had too much Gideon, so I went back and put in a very important scene for Itamar (in my outline) but in actual writing, this outline is for two chapters. 7 just passed 4K, where my min-mark is usually 3K. And it isn’t finished.

This is going really well. It’s exploded in my head. I want to give certain side characters their own books/romances. One of them has a paranormal plot, but no love interest yet, while another has a love interest but no plot yet. One has both.

Most bizarrely, as much as I am taking artistic license with Badger, MN, I’ve put a lot of real things in there. I found a website that lists churches and schools and stuff. I kind of want to go there now. (Also I am super tired of the heat. Ever since we left Phx, I became a wuss who can’t take anything higher than 76F)

I am procrastinating writing that important scene for Itamar to the point that I’m not even writing the much easier scene for Gideon that will close up chapter 7. Itamar’s dad has been this kind of “Oh eff, my dad says to do stuff” kind of shadowy antagonist, but now he has to be real.

GBAQROAIJFAJFFF I am having so much fun you guys.


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