Discarded writing circa Chapter 10


Listening to: Wicked Man’s Rest – Passenger

It’s been slower going lately. My health is acting up (not just the arthritis, but I see a doctor about the non-RA mess Monday arvo) and Hubby and I had our anniversary yesterday.

Chapter Ten was giving me issues because the first half is when Gideon and Itamar each find out the other is a shifter. I wrote it out, didn’t like what I had, and then had some messy revising to do to make it come out as I wished. I think I have that part done now. But I have a fairly large amount of writing that I had to throw out in order to write the scene better. I still like it, so I figured I would put it up here.


To Gideon he said, “Was ist gestern passiert?”

From the look on Itamar’s face, he either spoke German or didn’t care. Gideon answered in English. “You want me to talk about that now?”


Itamar tripped over the coffee table on his way to a chair. He grumbled a nasty oath, but made no other comment. The awkwardness of not sharing the language being spoken appeared to have calmed him down a bit.

As he had been requested, and because he couldn’t really think of anything else to do, Gideon related the events that had prompted Anthony’s visit. He kept it brief, both because of the mixed company, and because he hated how babyish he always sounded in German.

“At least that’s still the same.”

He looked up. He had just said, I don’t know what’s going on, and I really doubt you’ll tell me. Itamar had hit the bullseye and had no idea. “What is?”

“You still speak every language ever.”

“I really don’t.”

Anthony didn’t miss the coincidence either. He cleared his throat and got to his feet. “I’m afraid I cannot enlighten you,” he said, still in his aristocratic German.


Last night, I finally buckled down and finished reading Grave Peril and some research. I had more fun with the research, which was a texting romance that was cute until it devolved into meaningless fluff and clichéd drama (when there actually was any). Final verdict: cute texts, but the whole thing was too much wheel-spinning for me.

Our anniversary was lovely, by the way. Hubby let me have a lie-in and then I showered so we could get lunch. We hung out at a Noodles and Company and then Game Stop for a couple of hours because our movie didn’t start  until after 15:00. We bought a Tuxedo Mask Funko Pop for Chrissy (to go with her Sailor Moon, of course) and all the Dragon Age games for me.

We saw Mohenjo Daro because Hubby loves history and I love Hrithik Roshan. The film delivered on both, so we left happy. Also got to see some decent previews. We might go see Happy Bhag Jayegi, if it plays at our ciné. (probably not Shivaay, although I really want the music now) When we got home, we just had pizza and Hubby played Dragon Age Origins even though we bought them for me and he hates Bioware games. He was good to let me drag him everywhere, as he is ill with probably con(cert) crud.


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