Totally not sleeping tonight

Cute Jack by cartoonjunkie on DeviantArt

Listening to: It Takes a Lot – Cloud Cult

I just fixed an early scene that I have rewritten about a GAZILLION TIMES and I feel so powerful that it’s just stupid. I needed to take a break and decide what I’m doing next, because endingitis is still a bitch. I need to start journalling every day, because I honestly don’t remember what I did between my last post and today.

Today I was going on about four hours of sleep. Hubby had business downtown, so Owenbear and I just hung out at Grandma’s house. Of course today turned out to be a No Naps day. Not for bear or for me. The most I got done was minor nitpicky edits while I tried to use rereading to put myself to sleep (didn’t work). Finally, I just crashed around 17:00 or 18:00 for about an hour.

And my memory just refreshed. I remember what I did the day after my last post. Zarq that was a hard day. Owen LOVES school. But I spent most of the morning driving, and I had to get up quite early. I wrote another WTF Did You Come From scene that was much better than the other one. It basically wraps up a major subplot.

I’ve got more notes about the lead-up to the ending, although I do still have to figure out how to kill an archfey. She’s going to be weakened thanks to grownup planning, but that doesn’t actually help me personally, just the characters. The worst thing is, I swear someone made a good suggestion when I mentioned it (Maybe Mr Boffin? Was it you?) and now I can’t remember what it was. It’s gonna bug me now.

Next thing I have to write is going to be hard. At least it’s a fight scene. Not the boss fight, but still.


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