Monday, amirite?


Listening to: Ivri Lider

Gah writing in the dark sucks. Owen woke up early from his nap–before I could do anything more productive than shower–and now I’ve gone from cheerfully procrastinating to squinting at my screen trying to write.

Since I have obviously not yet started journalling every day, here’s a breakdown.

My last post was an understatement. I went to bed at 8:00, long after the sun had come back up. I finished writing that fight scene I mentioned–it’s rather awesome, though I say it myself–and then I went through and made it affect later scenes. I think when I woke up on Saturday, it was noon. I honestly don’t remember what I did other than fall asleep listening to a lip-curlingly bad book.

I may have bought a game on Steam. I have a new icon on my desktop, so that seems a safe guess. Saturday was seriously a blur.

Yesterday was better. Even though I did wake up with all of the joint pain of a generation of afflicted souls. I felt so shitty I could barely breathe. But we watched Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell with Jeri (it was pretty cool!) and I read more of Heroine Complex. I just don’t feel like reading lately. Every time I do, I feel like I should be writing. Which is absurd.

More absurd than that is that my favourite thing about Sunday is that we finally removed a popcorn hull from my gums. It has been there for three weeks. No lie. I’ve had gum pain that you wouldn’t believe. I thought I had a necrotic tooth. It felt like my face was rotting. Hubby got it out for me somehow and now my face is just a face again. GLORIOUS.

I’m a bit dramatic. But seriously, I thought I was dying.

Anyway, last night I knew I had to be up early to drive Owen to school, so I reined it in. I wrote another heavily note-planned scene. It has a lot of major exposition in it. The kind of thing I kept thinking would come up later. Well, it’s later. It came up at last. I got to bed by 1:00.

Now I have it done, I have to expand another fairly important scene with Itamar’s family. They’re still playing D&D, but a lot of the tone has changed from my original idea. Basically, after I wrote it, I realised that I had glossed over things instead of having full dialogues and action. One part will probably stay that way, as Itamar has a little BSOD and I didn’t want to write the minutiae of starting an almost impromptu session of D&D.

While we were getting ready, Hubby got a phone call. Long story short, he had to be in Murray an hour after Owen started school. We dropped Owen off, and on the way to this thing in Murray, we got lost no less than three times. Hubby actually ended up walking because we ran into a second place that I couldn’t just drive through, and I swear we could see the damn building. Another half hour saw me home, and I had just enough time to eat before I went right back out to pick up Owen.

And then I couldn’t get him out of his carseat when we got home. Because rheumatoid arthritis is just that fucking awesome. It all worked out, so yeah.

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