Good Intentions


Listening to: The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie

Yesterday, I was determined to finish writing my D&D scene before we actually played. I enlisted the help of Hubby and my brother Piercey. It mostly happened. I had one scene paragraph left, which I saw to before we killed the BIG BAD OF THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN.

the big bad who used to be my husband’s player character, just so you know what wonderful taste I have in men. ;p

My hands are completely shot and Owen has to get to school in 45 minutes ATOW, so this is gonna be short.

I had a tonne of errands because Nelson needed petrol and a wash, so I wrote on my phone in the car. Right up until we went in for D&D. It got very music-heavy, which I wasn’t quiet expecting. Now I have a note for my second draft revisions–remember effing Dov–but at this moment, I am done with the big revisory edits.

Today, I’m back to writing Chapter 11. Still feels weird calling it that. It’s probably going to be chapter 20. I have a particular scene in mind, which is how I work best. It’s got the most notes for the ending, and it comes next, so that is encouraging.

Still don’t know how to kill an archfey.

But of course, I’m thinking about other books and which characters I want to see get HEAs. I kind of want to ask someone familiar with romance novels to read it when it’s done and tell me who she wants to see get their own book. But I only know one, and this isn’t her genre.


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