Forward momentum at last!


Listening to: Summer Skin – Death Cab

FocusWriter is my favourite word processor ever. I wish it could be mobile. I’m not a twerp–I need to write on a mobile device sometimes because my hands are semi-deformed by inflammation.

After the kerfuffle yesterday, I almost jumped ship from Evernote to OneNote, but then I remembered how much I hate Office products. ^^;; Not on principle, I just used to write with Word a lot and now I’m really sold on plain text or the closest thing until my MS is done. Evernote is all words, no bells and whistles. Plus I have been using it forever, so it’s not the easiest thing to break up with.

Anybody know of another good plain-text-like ios word processor, please tell me.

ACTUAL WRITING HAPPENED TODAY. 2k and I’m going back to it as soon as I finish this post. The fight has been basically finished in the way I wanted it to, and I have a major event about to happen that I have been looking forward to… pretty much since I finalised the plot.

This chapter has been the biggest bitch. I’ve had near data loss, days of block, procrastinating by editing/revising/adding earlier scenes, and at last, I’m getting into the action-y meat of the ending.

First though, there is a HUGE emotional bomb to drop. So excited for this.


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