Listening to: Strong Baby (승리 solo) – 빅뱅

Lots of supernatural elements today. Actual word count is dismally low, but more than I was expecting to get done today. Yesterday I got a lot more done than I expected to. Remarkably, I wrote the bulk of it on my phone while shooting dirty looks at Hubby. I gave him my tablet to read and give me some feedback, but then he got caught up in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I think he read it, but I didn’t get feedback. Didn’t get my tablet back either.

I guess I can’t blame him. Git.

I still have a plot twist (maybe two) to write, and I realised that I have actually introduced the majority of the characters I want to have books afterwards. Only significant others are left out, and in at least one case, guy doesn’t know this person yet. (I leave the gender out because I don’t know it right now ^^;)

As one might expect–particularly if one has ever written any original or fan fiction–I’m a bit distracted by the next book. Which is dumb, since I haven’t even decided whose book it will be next.

It’s funny, I used to be sort of completely isolated online and now I have a small number of people whom I think might read my blog. So I should probably not talk about the ending all the time. Eheh.

I got used to saying whatever I want without thinking. Always a bad habit of mine. Anyway, back to work. Gotta cultivate a character voice now.


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