In the Home Stretch


Listening to: Trusty and True – Damien Rice

After endless days of complaining, I finally finished that bloody scene. It’ll probably endure a couple hundred passes when I hit the serious editing phase, but for now, it’s done. As in written. As in I don’t have to do it again.

The relief tastes like Cherry Coke. Which is way better than what I’m actually tasting, since I’ve started on what promises to be a legendarily nasty cold. I’m about to chunder just thinking about it.

We’ve got D&D tonight, but I really want to get some reading done. I still have stuff out from the library that I checked out in effing June, and my reading goal for 2016 just went to hell. I think I can still do it, but it’s going to be hard at this point.

I might take a break from writing in order to touch on that. I need to recharge.

As often happens when I finish a difficult scene, I feel drained. I don’t want to jump into the next chapter just yet. This one will defo be the last one. Although I don’t feel like writing it yet, I’ve had a summary of the ending written for a long time. So I know exactly what will happen.

I have also used that summary to plan this last chapter. It’s pretty complete. All plot threads are resolved (I think) and I’ve got both a checklist based on the summary as well as a more detailed outline.

Should be done within the week.


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