Quick post

Listening to: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet – Fall Out Boy

Just trying to ease the stiffness out of my hands so I can drive.

I’m still really sick and getting sicker. My voice is on its way out. I sound like a cartoon character. A dying one.

Yesterday, I went back over the bitch chapter and made some necessary additions. Put in about 1500-1700 words. Still haven’t started the last chapter, but nothing bad happened to my outline (which is also backed up) so at least there hasn’t been any recursive movement. Ugh I am so sick I don’t even kn ow if I picked the right word there.

Today I’m driving Owen to Grandma’s house. His favourite place in the world. If he naps, I plan to read more of the Airship Pirates source book. I’m reading it cover to cover this time, and I made it about halfway through Character Creation last night. It’s the most valuable part of the book, since I know some people use it to make novel characters. (I have sort of done it myself)

If the Dayquil really kicks in, I might make a proper start on the Last Chapter.


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