Progress made


Listening to: No Way Out – Theory of a Deadman

Thursday we started moving house–nothing terribly exciting, it’s not our house. I’m dogsitting. Nominally, Hubby is also dogsitting, but we all know the dogs like me and merely allow him to exist. Anyway, there was a lot of driving back and forth across three cities (which makes it sound more impressive even though it’s not terribly) and shopping for groceries.

We did eventually get the idea of moving my PC out here with us, but it came in a bit late and then Hubby was too tired to set it up. Once upon a time, I did all this kind of thing by myself. Now I can’t lift my PC anymore. Ah well.

Everyone but me is asleep right now. Dogs, Hubby, Owen. There is a lovely sunbeam to warm my toes in, and all that sleeping I am not participating in means I can just wear headphones and write.

1688 words today, 2454 in the last chapter. I am halfway done. There are eight check boxes in my outline, and I have ticked three of them.

I couldn’t really work while we were settling in and getting the dogs used to us–and I was still trying to recharge and read. Still haven’t finished either of the books I’ve been reading, though. One of them is because it’s a roleplaying game book that I am sort of reading cover to cover in preparation for running a game on Tuesday.

Speaking of which, since I’ve gotten a decent amount of work done for today, I need to get back to reading the game book.

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