Airship Pirates Dungeon Planning


Listening to: She – Abney Park

Perfect song for what I’m doing right now.

So I have made a start on the first dungeon. I’m using RPG Maker VX Ace to do the layout. I even did some eventing, because I can’t help myself and because I got so much done so FAST. I used a project that I think Hubby had for mapping, so none of my usual scripts were in place. That default font is so smegging useless. I always forget how ugly it is and how word-wrapping is a necessity that just is not included without a script.

Anywho, the layout itself took no time at all. The dungeon is actually done, I just need to write some encounters around it. I’ll probably wing it a great deal. It’s how I roll.


I’m fairly sure that most of my players don’t read my blog… well half of them definitely don’t, and this is only part of the dungeon. So I think I’m safe posting this bit here. I’ve got a couple of plans for that bare little alcove, too.

The dogs are doing well, just had a really minor hiccough where one didn’t want breakfast yesterday. They’re both eating now and they still like me better than Hubby. The three of us are super enjoying time without Hubby or Owen around. Stinky boys. ;p

Haven’t gotten much more done in writing today, but I still have a lot to get ready for Tuesday and I feel more like reading today anyway. I’ve got to read about the different cultures in Airship Pirates and then ask players what Schtick they want to play and gauge if anyone actually wants to do any vehicle stuff aside from the airship.

Vehicles are where the game gets too much for me, so I kind of need to know if anyone cares. ^^; They’ll probably want to customise their airship rather than use the Cordelia (I don’t see them choosing to be a band) and I do know how to do that, at least. But hogtrikes and cars are beyond me right now. Hubby made me a spreadsheet with equipment, which we should possibly print out and share (items in this game are underdeveloped) and I need to get my quick ref stuff out again.

Although I have a number of princesses planned, only a couple of them are statted. I doubt I’ll need to know more than their names on the first night. My favourite one is done, and I’m going to give them a choice of which to pursue first.

UGH big thing I need to do is make a Skyloft city or two. The guys will need a hub and I don’t really want to use High Tortuga. Owen gets out of school in half an hour. There’s not enough time. Grr.


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