Finished First Draft!


Listening to: Foden Indenfor – Nordstrøm

Yesterday, I finally hit that coveted point: Typing FIN at the end of the infamous Chapter 12.

To celebrate, I bought an album that I’ve been wanting for a while. I can even justify it, since it’s Danish music. One of the heroes in the next book is from Copenhagen. Yes, I am already planning the next book. I wrote a couple thousand words to brainstorm. Tomorrow, I’m going to get some revision done, but today was all about relaxing and not burning out.

I’m excited. Exhausted. Sort of like the wonderful soreness that comes after a workout. I’m ready to be done with this book. As soon as it’s revised and I can hopefully get someone other than my husband to take an outside look at it, I will be more than ready to pronounce it finished and not linger.

It’s been a rewarding experience. I went from not writing anything to writing every day and finishing a 110K novel. …which is probably too long, but that’s another focus of my revision. Cutting out all of the superfluous words. And cursing the way that Gideon talks. He has a very English way of using too many words. He says ‘absolutely’ quite a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any scenes that can just be cut and give me a nice reduction. Oh well. That’s for tomorrow.

Today I had planned to just play Reigns or Dex for a couple of hours. Maybe watch a KDrama. I was doing really good vegging this morning. I accomplished nothing. :D I didn’t even read. But then I hauled my lazy bum up to shower and ideas started to bombard me.

I’ve been anxious to start the next book for weeks now. Pretty much ever since my endingitis hit me like a truck. I knew one of the characters that shows up in this book would be one of the heroes, and I knew what the other one would look like and how they’d get along (and not get along), but I didn’t have his name. I didn’t have either of their goals or plots worked out either. But with one idea for the opening scene in my head–and an hour of journalling–I worked out both of their plots, the antagonist, character introductions for two other books, and part of the plot for the last book.

Who knows, I might spend October revising and then write the next book for NaNoWriMo. Jaws, feel free to drop.


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