Airship Pirates Session recap

Eek, this went long. Sorry. ^^; Lots of stuff happened.

It’s really cool to see everyone getting into the game. They never seem to run out of stuff that they want to do. It’s challenging to come up with so much on the fly, but I love it. Last night, I thought they would fudge travel and go straight to the dungeon, but nope. First, Nick wanted to print flyers proclaiming Captain Pico as the greatest marksman alive, which worked out because Victor has a printing press. Most of the posters did go up, although some of the urchins Nick paid to do the work skived off. He also suggested that they go to Russia first, with the idea of getting paid twice to save the same princess.

Then they worked out a route and how many times they would have to stop. I didn’t even do that much work, so I was nice and assumed that they could find a place to dock each time they needed to stop. It did mean I had to make up a couple of Skyloft cities, which had some weird results. The first was called Bedandrest, and was basically just a place to sleep or have a tumble. Viva-3 was careful not to get off there, not wanting to be seen as a regular doll. Scrimshaw, having made half a dozen cases of booze with his new apprentice Tabby Kate, tried to trade a couple of cases for what amounts to a tuppeny upright. The madame turned out to be too honest to let him do that, so she bought the booze and let him pay like a regular customer.

The next city sort of blew up. Not literally (although it gives me ideas) but it started as a place to stop and became a big deal.

Mostly settled by Italians (apparently), this city is affectionately known as The Shoe. Everyone there bets on anything. The city is designed to be able to move at the drop of a hat, but keeps to a schedule in order to maximise trade opportunity. Victor wanted to look for a floating street fight, Scrimshaw wanted a drinking contest. I started with the first, because I needed to brush up on combat–and show everyone how broken it is. I may need to go over it on my own again. I think we had fun, but it was a mess. Literally, my dice kept falling off the table.

Before the fight started, Captain Pico was accosted by a dapper dan in a cravat that will be remembered for an age. He knew of Pico’s disgrace in the IAN, apparently a former citizen of a Change Cage city himself. Pico took advantage of his own obvious narcissism to admit the disgrace and compliment him. This had the effect of humbling him out of his dislike. Viva-3 took the opportunity to attach herself to him like a casino bunny so she could bet on the fight with his money.

It was a very long fight. I don’t even know if we were doing it right. Fights in Airship Pirates are supposed to be dramatic. They’re designed to be conversations, unlike D&D, which can be all about the numbers without getting confusing. I honestly had to ask more than once what step had just been rolled. Eventually, Victor’s opponent turned out to be a fifteen-year-old called Sweet Johnny who had tender feelings. When he had two hitpoints left and Viva-3 was one of the people jeering him from the audience, he threw in the towel.

Presumably while the fight was going on, Scrimshaw had an impressive neck-and-neck drinking battle. That actually went really well, although the tie was difficult to break. They both passed out at the same time.

Also during the fight, Captain Pico hovered around the edges looking for someone who might need their unique style of service. She found the Marked Man, a crimelord with a large wine stain birthmark and a tonne of tattoos. He had a handsome bodyguard who doubled as bodyguard. While they talked business, he suggested that Pico bring her man (Victor) to a more formal fight. With costumes.

Yeah, I put lucha in my Airship Pirates game. If you know me, you’re just nodding your head and saying, “Of course you did.”

That fight. orz

They had armour that time, which meant that to do damage, each had to do more than three points of damage. As dapper dan–now named Henry Knot-Brummel–is part of the Marked Man’s entourage, he was there for Viva-3 to exploit again. He actually grew attached to her, since she seemed to like the fights as much as he does. He brought more money with him to bet.

After a long slog, Victor KO’d Rocky. He now has a reputation in the fighting circles of The Shoe. Sweet Johnny was impressed and Rocky hates him, but everyone is talking about how Victor sent Rocky into a montage.

Captain Pico talked the Marked Man into giving them a shipment of something (now I forget) and wants her to bring back some fabric to wow the current market.

Scrimshaw wound up with another hanger-on in the form of his drinking competition. Now Rusty Potter is a crewman belowdecks.

And poor Viva-3. Excited to find out how much she won betting on that big exhibition fight, she noticed that dear Henry had popped off to the gents’ and hadn’t returned. While adjusting her skirts, she found a note that someone had slipped into her pocket. Henry was kidnapped! The ransom they are asking is INSANE and the drop-off point is on the ground.

It may be a while yet before they get to the dungeon. Which could be the best thing for this campaign. The players are driving most of the action. I feel kind of like I’m just telling them stuff that happens as a result of their actions.

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