Editing and Thinking about NaNo


Listening to: Old T-Shirt – Jake Coco

After spending considerable time and journalling/brainstorming several thousand words, I think I know what I’m going to write if I do NaNoWriMo this year. The easy, natural decision is to write Fenris’s book, the second in the Untranslatable series. Still affectionately called Tanketorsk, although I’ll have a better working title by Nov 1. Most of my journalling on the topic of which project to work on was due to having a character concept that I desperately wanted to write with and that is the kind of thing that I have done NaNo for in the past. That guy is going to have to wait, I think.

I came up with and discarded at least three different settings and plots for him. He’s even gone through two different names and three fellow protagonists. I just can’t seem to get something to stick to him. But knowing me, in three or four months, I’ll have a plot idea pop half-formed in my mind and then it’ll be this guy’s turn.

Editing Gideon and Itamar’s story continues well. I’m sliding a bit into revision, as Itamar’s character development needed work and my solution involves grafting a minor subplot. It suits him, though, so it isn’t hard. Sometimes I lose track when I’m just line-editing, because it makes me feel adrift between bigger issues. I’m not worried, though. All day, I’ve been forgetting to do things because I’ve got a Civilisation mindset. “Just one more paragraph.”

As usual, there are fun things I keep meaning to do to take a break. But then half an hour later, I realise that my hands effing ACHE, my shoulder is killing me, I finished another chapter, and I can’t even remember what the fun thing was. (The Longest Journey? Watching Markiplier play FNAF 3? do not recall)

Perhaps I am a titch consumed.


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