What I’m up to


Listening to: Nightmare – Set It Off

It’s been a full couple of weeks. I started NaNo, and it’s going terribly. But I’m getting words every day, and that’s what really matters in NaNo, isn’t it?

I’m also studying Korean. That is also going terribly, but I enjoy it a lot more. It means I get to do fun things like watch Dramas for four straight hours and swear that I’m studying the whole time. I need to get some more study material, since I want to take this seriously. Free online material is great, but it isn’t very consistent.

My greatest recent victory was getting Hubby to watch Yuri!!! On Ice with me. He never thinks he’ll like things, but I effing love this anime. On Episode 7 and have yet to be disappointed. Animation-wise, it’s quite ambitious, and it looks great. I love the characters and the music too. It’s a nice, nonstressful show to watch. Unlike Dramas, where I spend a good deal of time berating the characters for never talking to each other and having flashbacks of things that happened five minutes ago.

Whenever I’m writing a lot–especially when it’s all going well and I’m happy with what I’m writing–I tend to stop reading. I had to lower my reading goal for this year already, and I still don’t think I’ll make it to my shortened goal. Everything goes in stages for me. I’m either reading hundreds of books and writing nothing, or writing a novel and editing the first while I read maybe a book or two a month.

Maybe I’ll swing back to reading primarily. It’d be nice to start reviewing again.


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