Summer resolutions

Everyone has that thing they come back to every few months or years. For me, it’s this blog. I let it lie for months at a time, more so as time passes, and then I’ll come back to it, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I tend to like it best when I have one of my weird summer reading binges. That one summer in Oregon is still my favourite.

It isn’t quite summer yet, but I returned to a reading binge after spending three months writing a novel that is currently undergoing its fourth revision. I didn’t see the book flood coming or plan it. But it happened the way it always has, like I’m a migratory animal and this is the V that I fly in. Heh.

After a hard year of medical troubles and family upheaval, I finally managed to get pregnant and now I’m looking at Week 30 and a lot of back pain. Looking at the last time I was very active on my blog, I realised that I got the amazing news about a week after the last post. So if my blog were a person (a very patient and non-needy person…) it would have had no idea. While I’ve been through worrying about GD (came back negative), premature birth (got the 28-week betamethasone shots), and finding out gender so we could finally pick a name. It’s Jackson. :D

I started going through and organising all of the series I’ve started and not finished, either because I didn’t pursue them steadily or often because there is another book coming out. I made a big project of it, because it can be fun to organise things (I did marry the king of spreadsheets, after all) and I enjoyed writing summaries to see how much of the previous books I remembered.

While I didn’t end up with something efficient that could render statistics like how many series I had “open” and I didn’t cover ones I’d finished before starting this project, I did realise that I’d like to finish or at least bid farewell to everything I’ve started. I even made a (much much much) larger section of my project for series I want to read or have had recommended to me.

I started getting books from the library that would help me finish up these series so I could move them to the Completed section. Then one day I went to the library and browsed. What a loaded word that is. When I browse at the library, I come home with fifteen to twenty books.

I’ve always kept a very minor book journal, but I started making more copious and frequent notes in it. I reviewed a few books off and on. It was nice to be an active reader again. So I joined NetGalley. It feels different to read a book knowing that it isn’t out yet, and my review will help let people know it’s awesome (or not). Luckily, I have yet to read an ARC that I didn’t like at least a little.

Also getting back into RPG Maker, doing the thing I’m best at. Which means not struggling to do the things I’m crap at, like mapping and combat systems. I’m excited to do scene scripting and blocking. I miss all of my own nerdy talk about nesting conditional branches and move path routes.

I need to get some characters made, probably using RPG Maker MV’s character generator and maybe some Photoshop touching up. I need to have the four main characters done by Monday to pend approval from the others in our group.


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