Elephants on parade


Listening to: Owen watch Steven Universe

It’s funny how I can be overwhelmed even when not much is going on. I hit 30 weeks of pregnancy on Sunday, and it came with a wave of fatigue that’s swallowed me up since. Even reading is hard to do when I fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

If I don’t sleep, I have weird hallucinations. My favourite were the elephants at boarding school. They had little uniforms. Now I want the elephant version of Hatoful Boyfriend.

I managed to summarise a possible beginning for a game that I’m working on in a group. It’s an original story idea by one of the others, but the whole thing is a bit fluid at the moment. Without the relevant maps, I can’t start scripting/blocking it, but the summary gives me a basic blueprint and also tells us what kinds of maps I’ll need.

Today I’ll probably continue the summary if I get a moment. The hardest thing will be changing from my older method of working as I go. It feels weird and alien to even think of outlining the entire storyline when I’ve only finished the character sprites and made half of a mock map for a near-opening scene.

I still have reviews I want to write for books I finished recently. I’ll probably do one today, and then I’ll almost be caught up. Although I might end up being perpetually two books behind… Oh well, that’d give me time to let things settle and get my thoughts in order.

Reading-wise, I’m in the middle of three books right now. All quite different. One is an ARC of Mask of Shadows, and I love it so far. A gender fluid thief competing for pride of place as the queen’s assassin? Best premise EVER. I’ve also got a copy of A Canticle for Leibowitz, which is taking me longer than I expected. And for all the weirdness, I have Hadriana in All My Dreams. I saw this at the library and actually picked it up and put it back three times until I realised that I needed it.

Speaking of the library… the system allows for the loan of 50 titles and right now I have 45 with three holds available soon. Six of the books are due in six days. Good thing I’m on bed rest due to a minor pregnancy complication, right?

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