Today was given over to a lot of work. I got a minor editing gig that I only half-expected, as well as a planned team meeting. I still have a lot of phasing to do, but I’ve more than doubled what I had already done. Once I get the first relevant map, which I should receive in a couple of days, I’ll be able to do the intro. I’m really excited to do a new scene.

I suppose in the meantime, I could script it more exactly. But it feels weird not to do it on the fly in the Maker. Maybe I can’t say I’m used to anything since I haven’t done it in a year or so, but I feel like I’m used to coming up with what a character should say and fitting it into the text windows as I go.

Obviously I’m not getting the time to read that I hoped for / expected. However, hope springs eternal. I did read two of the books I needed to read, so only a few left to go. I can totally read a 500 page book in a single day, right? …that is sad and not very likely, but I did read at least the first two books in Gail Z Martin’s Necromancer series in a day each. I think I had more free time back then. Less pregnant. certainly.

Owen made a new friend and they are the most amazing besties I have ever seen. We all went out to dinner today and Owen introduced Nathan as his brother and started bragging him up as strong and amazing. It was the cutest thing I’ve seen him do, and Owen is basically non-stop cute.


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