Not in Hospital just YET


Although it was rather a near thing.

I contracted a nasty cold that may actually have been flu, or it was one and then t’other. There have been fever, hallucinations, and much less pleasant things. I could joke and blame the books I was reading at the time, but I could barely stay awake to read. This has been going on for days. Years? I’m still rather sick and not entirely clear.

Basically, I’ve either been asleep or in a fugue state. Today is the first time I’ve managed to touch a computer without wanting to put my face through it. Dang bright screens. I hope to get a review written for The Gunslinger, which I suffered through despite my extremity, in time to post it by this evening or tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, neither colds nor flu can bring on labour, so that’s one worry with which I haven’t had to contend. Even so, I’m 34 weeks and three days on. Last time, this would have been a week before giving birth. I didn’t see that one coming, so if it happens again, I’m sure I’ll be just as surprised. (and a bit peeved, since I’ve tried to prepare) Crossing my fingers that we’ll make it at least another two and a half weeks.


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