Book Sorting 1 of ?

This has not been going as well as I had hoped. First off, the books that thought I had in storage are either in the house, or hidden in the back of the storage unit. So some of the books that I have been missing, are still unaccounted for. However, I still have a boatload of books that need sorting.

Some of them are in paper grocery bags, while others are in lidless boxes or in my many many library bookbags. I delved into those and found a lot of books I’m not going to read. Off to donation they will go. Mostly thrillers and the kind of suspense novels that aren’t my thing. I like to think that I can and do read everything, but there are still some genres that I am not enthusiastic about.

Although I’ve only gone through one box and about four bags, I suppose I feel accomplished. I needed to streamline my personal library, and although I was more invested in finding those storage books, I did find some books that I’m excited to add to my shortlist TBR when I’ve cut my current one down a bit more. (it’s still over 40…)


  • ​Some Liz Carlyle Historicals, like The Devil You Know
  • Harlequin Intrigues
  • Kanji dictionary Hubby is gonna need.

On a rather unrelated note, I am still exhausted thanks to the dietary needs of my sweet baby. I thought that I was being super smooth, writing this and the Tash Hearts Tolstoy review ahead of time, but then I realised that I scheduled them for the wrong year. After languishing out the week, now the blog looks like it’s supposed to, and hopefully I won’t make such a dumb mistake again. At least, not the same one.

Adventures in sleep deprivation may well reveal new dumb things of which I’m all too capable.


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