Another cycle renews

Listening to: lots of Chinese Pop (Jackson Wang, Joker Xue, Meng Jia…)

Happy New Year! Have a baby picture.


I really ought to have known that being off medication for over two years, having a baby, and then continuing to go without medication for the sake of breastfeeding would make blogging a tactical impossibility. I just didn’t want to admit it, and that swiftly became something I pretended I could deal with later. As I often do.

One of my major difficulties is facing problems. I don’t always come up with excuses, but when I do, I let them ease my sense of guilt and wind up failing to improve. But it’s a new year.

Plans for moving forward that are set in stone:

  • I am resuming a medication regimen at the end of February. I will not be happy about this, as I’m already struggling to be ready, and one does not simply stop breastfeeding cold turkey.
  • I will write a review for The Belles either this week or the next. I was amazingly lucky in being chosen for an ARC, as all I had done was wishlist it months ago. Since I went dark on the blog and NetGalley, I feel like this is kind of a sign.
  • A week of book reviews so that my blog is current and that review doesn’t come out of nowhere or look lonely.
  • Updating three days a week.

Plans for moving forward that are up in the air:

  • A return to regular book reviews. I really want to do this, but technically nothing has changed. I still have extremely reduced use of my hands and extremely increased pain in my hands and wrists. But wishful thinking may be safely stated if I don’t make myself too many promises.
  • Freewriting. I miss doing this. Again, hand problems remain a thing.
  • Updating daily.
  • Recaps. I recently discovered Recaptains, and it’s great, but they seem to have a strong YA focus. I’m rereading Johannes Cabal and Maiden Lane this year, so the thought crossed my mind. I may also just do something like Tor’s Re-reads.

This blog is always going to be on my mind, whether I’m doing anything with it or not. I’ve left and come back many times. My life isn’t the same if I’m not leaving or coming back.

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