Review – Deep Cover

Deep Cover, Romantic Suspense by Scarlett Cole

Series: Love Over Duty #3

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The publisher provided me with an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Cabe Moss is still grieving his fiancée five years after her passing, but his interest in dating is reignited when he meets Amy Murray. The two put try to put the passion on hold while they get to the bottom of a case involving both money laundering and human trafficking. But their feelings are impossible to deny.

This is the third book in a series and the men of the previous two book play rather prominent roles. I wouldn’t say that you need to read the first two to ‘get’ this one, rather that the endings are reiterated in it, so people who hate spoilers should just start at the beginning of the series.

A lot of work went into this book, and it shows. The heroine is incredibly competent and experienced in multiple areas, and it feels like Scarlett Cole wanted to deliver a story that was both well-researched and well-considered. Cabe is a difficult hero to balance–both protective and mindful of Amy’s abilities and independence. Personally, I think it a success. She has the most emotionally invested in their joint mission, which I felt made her a stronger character overall, but that doesn’t really detract from anything.

Their relationship has a few bumpy misunderstandings, however they communicate openly and rather well. I didn’t like that Amy was down on herself for having conflicting desires regarding their relationship status, though. Believe in yourself, girl! Most of what keeps them apart is the job and professionalism. They also have their own individual hangups from their respective pasts. Cabe struggles more internally, which I liked. He had a lot to deal with, and any less would have felt hand-wavy.

I won’t lie, the beginning was painfully rough for me to read. There is a plethora of information and it comes in a torrent of straight-up telling. It doesn’t lack emotion where appropriate. There’s just too much information told too quickly and some of it is unnecessary. For example, there are more named characters than are warranted. It takes attention away from names a reader actually has to know and remember. Some information is not superfluous, but it would be better served in small doses delivered organically throughout the story, rather than dumped in the first two or three chapters.

After that though, they meet and start working together and it all smooths out. The research is extensive and mostly explained but not too much, all to the point of showing that Amy knows what she’s doing. The villains are a bit simple, though not cartoonish. They make for good antagonists. Particularly when the endgame kicks in. The ending plays out at a swift, exciting pace and it’s quite good.

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