Review – The Ultimate Pi Day Party

The Ultimate Pi Day Party, Contemporary Romance by Jackie Lau

Series: Baldwin Village #1

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After a teenage indiscretion, Josh Yu has been fighting for his father’s approval, facing silence and estrangement, for nearly two decades. Then he gets the idea to throw a Pi Day party and invite his parents.

Sarah Winters has her own share of parental disapproval. Her mother was against her moving from their small town to start a pie-centred bakery in Toronto. But Sarah’s doing quite well, aside from having too little romance and not enough friends.

I have feelings about this book, which is cool. I love the use of food. It’s not insanely decadent, but it’s comfortable and kind of like a background character. Both of the mains’ issues with their parents hit me as real. Especially Sarah’s, even though it was never as dramatic as Josh’s with his dad.

The romance is super cute. They had running jokes, which felt natural and suits Lau’s writing style well. Some of the jokes were built upon, too. Marshmallow dicks is my favourite dumb inside joke. Especially since it was an in-joke for both the romantic leads and Sarah and her friends.

I do have to admit that the first person present tense was an impediment for me when I was first getting into it. It felt young and claustrophobic, even overly clear. (Is that a thing?) But once I got into the story and I was able to get myself invested in the characters, it ceased to be a problem.

For such a short and sweet book, I was surprised at the complexity in the execution of the parent/child relationships theme. Seventeen years is a long time to go without speaking to your child, and there really isn’t a good reason to do that. But people definitely do things like that, and as sad as it is, it worked, narratively.

I could probably check out more of this series, now I’m over the POV-tense issue.

(Thanks to the author for the ARC!)

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