JFK stole my brain

It makes sense at the REC.  I didn’t want to talk about work, since it was perfectly fine and blah blah blah, but I had all of these great thoughts just pfffffff in a headache.  I wish people wouldn’t translate addresses into their native language.  While I would be the last person to demand anyone learn English, it would be extremely helpful if people would just write Magyarország or Hungary instead of Ungern or Macaristan, or even Hwngari.  Italy does it the most, but at least I have a working knowledge of the language.  Having to translate from whatever language just pops up is a bit distracting, if in general fun.

Happens the most with Switzerland and Sweden, for some reason.

Oh yes, and when you send a letter to 1522 Center St in Michigan, writing 1522 Rue de Centre will not get it where you want it to go.  Just saying.  Linking to my point about not translating addresses.  Much as I love seeing the word ‘cedex’ everywhere.

Anyway.  I think I only have two chapters left of BT.  Part 3 was only planned to have a maximum of six chapters, and looking at it without having written anything at work (read Beowulf and prepped most of a 3971 form instead), I think that it’s only going to end up having four.  Trevor is done.  The rest of what has to do with him can be told by Ianto, and possible even should be.  Things are not meant to wrap up totally, it’s just what’s going on in the city.

Gabe will be done after this current chapter.  He and Freddie have cemented themselves as family, and all he has to do is work out that he has other things to work out.  The only question mark left to Gabe is Kellie.  And she’s not there.  So either he has to just figure out what he feels, or that’ll be something he has roiling in his head after.

Ianto has his promise to Sebastian to fulfill, which Sebastian is actually working on, with Gabe.  He also has to take care of Morgan, and technically, he has his own side of the romantic entanglement to come to terms with.  Bweh.  Dangling participle.  Moving on.  They’ve got the rest of the…yeah, this is all a-ramble.  Next time I start writing something, I’m gonna chronicle it.

Soon as this is done though, I’m going to print out the first few chapters of TWOTW and start editing.  It’s been about… a month ago as of yesterday that I finished the first (rough?) draft.  So by next week, I should be done with BT and editing t’other.  I need to figure out if I’m just going to read it through and make light notes, and then start a new document and rewrite, or if I’ll dig right into a printed copy with a serious red pen and…still start a new document and rewrite.

I’m excited, I’m just tired as well.  It’s the end of the week, and that always catches me by surprise.  XD

There are other things on my mind as well, but they don’t feel overwhelming anymore.  I just needed to sit in the Total Perspective Vortex for a day or two, keeping company with my thoughts.  And yesterday there was a wonderful conversation that pulled me out of the TPV in the best way.  Balance is obtainable, but it’s also fun to just tip with someone.


Stuff and nonsense and all that that implies

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Once again, I had the promise of overtime in front of me, only to have the carrot snatched away after a couple of hours.  It’s December, guys!  Let me take my lunch at six hours, just once.  And that overtime pay won’t hurt either.

The Tertiary Phase is most definitely my favourite of the HHGTTG radio series.  Fit the Thirteenth remains my best example of why I love radio so much in any case.  My hat stays off to Ken Humphrey for the spot effects, and one of the most invigorating performances from Simon Jones and Geoffrey McGivern is in that fit, while chasing the Chesterfield sofa.  The music is a wonderful step up as well.  But the acting is what I really meant to touch on.

Something I adore about radio is how the action gets across.  Douglas Adams does it beautifully within the dialogue, and I wish I could remember specific instances that stand out to me.  Maybe something like… describing the starship Bistromath.  Arthur and Ford describe it, but they do so in incredulous tones, unable to believe the ludicrous nature of the ship, often interrupted by Slartibartfast’s frustrated repetition of “I know what it looks like,” and “There is a reason.”

The dialogue is in general amazing, of course, even when it’s just gadding on repeating or reusing things, like this gag:

The Arthur Dent?”
“The Arthur Dent, I don’t know, but that Arthur Dent is me.”


The Zaphod Beeblebrox?”
“No, a Zaphod Beeblebrox.  Didn’t you know?  We come in six-packs.”

I told someone once that it’s hard for me to enjoy the books because I can tell exactly when Adams wasn’t really having fun.  But with the radio programme, everyone else is having so much fun (particularly in asides such as Ford’s “Oh, stick it up your nose” or any time Arthur shrieks) that it doesn’t matter if he did or not.

There’s so much I could say about this series, mostly from an analytical point of view.  I can’t even put it together right, I can see how disjointed this is.  Doesn’t help that I keep writing it at weird times and when I don’t have a lot of energy or mental clarity.

The story is incomprehensible and often barely there, especially in the beginning.  I don’t think there’s actually a plot until the Krikket Wars, which is nearly rendered inert by the characters themselves, for a reason which Ford outlines quite well: that the characters don’t really care about anything.  It’s an interesting point that can be made in fiction, and that brings me back round to the fact that all of the fun stuff I think about while listening tends to be on the production and otherwise technical sides.

And now I have to get ready to go to an appointment so I can get an injection and eventually sleep.  I need to work out today, because I didn’t get a chance to yesterday, and all that other jazz.  It’d be nice to get an adjustment, but after Christmas shopping, I don’t think I can afford it until after payday, which is Dec 23.  I’m trying to figure out how to make the day work, but it’ll be a near thing.

At least I have all of my HHGTTG swears back.  I’ve been saying zarking fardwarks and dingo’s kidneys since my knee started hurting.

Oh, and in case no one can tell, the bad mood I was in yesterday has quite gone.  All fatigue and pain stuff anyway, so it was quite a short-lived bad mood, as they often are.


Excitement, adventure, and really wild things

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Last night I listened to the first five and a half fits of the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio programme, which is kind of a tradition now.  The first time I worked at the REC, this was what I listened to the most.  More than even the broad category of music, even.  I think it is quite possible that I would recognise anyone who ever did even an incidental voice in any phase, never mind that I’ve seen maybe five of their faces.  The only one who might throw me for a loop is the girl who played Random, because she sounds rather a lot like Lily Cole.  It’s the accent, among other things.

While I’m not really a big fan of Zaphod Beeblebrox, I have to admit that he amuses me.  When he and Ford get together, they act like morons.  Calling them semi-cousins is perfect, because that’s exactly what they remind me of: my cousins when we get together and go back to being dorky kids, doing stupid stuff because we can.  Mostly my reasons for not caring much for Zaphod are that he isn’t that interesting, and I don’t like being told that I’m supposed to have a specific opinion about a character.

Which may be why I love Ford Prefect best.  He is such a bizarrely nebulous and horribly characterised character.  I swear, Adams never ever knew what to do with him, and I love it.  Especially the way that he is with sound.  I think Ford may be why I never got into the books the way I got into the radio programme or even the television show.  I need to hear the subtle nuances of Geoffrey McGivern in whatever For has decided to be, or see David Dixon take it in a completely different direction.

In Fit the First, he’s so… off-puttingly gentle with Arthur.  He never gives any reason for having saved his friend from the destruction of the Earth.  Why Arthur?  He was pretending to be from Guildford for fifteen years, he had to have other friends.  I mean, it seems weird that he even has a friend like Arthur Dent in the first place.  Anyway, his reasons are something I’m sure that many have speculated on, but I honestly don’t care why.  I just love how tenderly kindergarten teacher he treats Arthur until suddenly he doesn’t anymore.  The things I like to ponder are why Ford is so ADHD with his own personality.

This is kind of carried on by David Dixon’s Ford, but maybe it’s his size or the fact that he moves quite like a puppy, but the softspokenness has an extra eagerness that’s so endearing it’ll give you toothache.  The guy is utterly adorable.  I’m glad that the show ended where it did, kind of.  I don’t know what Dixon would have done with the more cynical and even goofy turns that Ford took.

It seems to have to do with the phases, but he’ll do it within them as well.  Maybe it’s a combination of meeting up with Zaphod and have that kind of pseudo Buddy Cop vibe, and Arthur whinging and being the odd human out (I don’t know why Trillian gets none of that grief, maybe being female or intensely boring has something to do with it).  But Ford starts to get crazier and less patient with everything.  Could be alcohol too.

Oh yes, and screw the movie.  I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, it may as well not be canon.  Ford was not Ford.  He was…fanfiction!Ford.  It was more painful than not having Simon Jones as Arthur or Mark Wing-Davey play Zaphod.  Changing actors is never fun for a die-hard, but I can be realistic about it, especially considering the time that had passed.  But I can demand good casting.  There wasn’t any.  I didn’t even like Alan Rickman as Marvin, and that’s just sad.

More of this anon.  :D  I have lots of thoughts, but I want to listen to the radio programme more tonight first.