At last, I finished the griffin and I can start wondering what to do next.


I do have my teapots, but that won’t be quick.

Then again, there is some writing that I have to do. It’s the reason that I didn’t post on the weekend. 2500 words on Saturday and then a measly 1000 on Sunday. It’s a long chapter, so it’s not done yet. I’d like to finish it today, but that isn’t likely.

Still, I feel accomplished right now.


Finally some progress


I’m just making a quick picture post to show that I’ve between able to get a little bit done today. I finished the gold front of the griffin, and started on the blue half. Right now it looks like blue jeans, which bugs me, but at the same time it’s kind of hilarious.

My brother and his girlfriend came by, and we all played Arkham Horror. I sewed while we played, and funnily enough, we had a rare win.

I’m going to have to get some very light grey or white and some lighter red so that I don’t have those blank areas anymore. I think it’ll look nicer if everything is even. But then, I have OCD, so I could just be ridiculous.

Sigh. It’s been a great day, but the people in the flat upstairs are being obnoxious. It’s after midnight and they’re taking so loudly that I feel like an eavesdropper. Management just circulated a newsletter informing tenants that our community has quiet hours that begin at 22:00 and end at 10:00. I guess the people upstairs think that weekends are exempt.

Not the best way to end a post, but they are really incredibly loud and Swype is dropping my intended words in favour of total gibberish.


Over Two Days


This was a busy week. The last two days were where I really felt it, and it won’t be over until the end of this upcoming week.

It’s funny. I only finished single stitches for the front half, but it’s taken quite a while. I think I get lost in the simplicity of filling it in and think I’m taking too long.

I am in need of a nap. Probably not going to get one. This may not be the best time to watch weird, think-y movies.


Griffin Day Four

I have never really had a concrete way of delineating these posts, so I figure, why bother now.

Today didn’t offer a lot of free time, but I got all of the fiddly bits done. Luckily, just when I was getting irritated with the talons, I was about done with them.


Now that I have the colours to do, I wonder if I should do each half in a different colour. Blue for the bird and gold for the lion-y bit.

Gotta run now. Hopefully more later.


Hopefully Impressive Third Day

Today probably should not be repeated. I woke up early and installed myself in front of the telly with my griffin. I got up to make meals and the like, but I ended up spending pretty much the entire day stitching. I also finished another book. But considering that my right index finger and thumb have been visibly (and rather painfully) swelling for a while now, I’m likely going to lighten up a little bit.

The problem is two-fold: I have problem hands, pain-wise, and I tend to hyperfocus. The latter is especially bad when it’s something that I’m enjoying with very little difficulty. If I could just bottle it or control it somehow, I’d be golden. Also riddled with pain more often. I can’t open a water bottle on my own anymore. Eheh. It’s a trade-off, right?

Bragging doesn’t come easily to me–not consciously, anyway–and I’m also a total newbie, but I think this is probably pretty good for three days, especially since my efforts in everything else has been so disappointing.

I’ve been taking all of these pictures with my phone, and this is quite possibly the clearest picture I’ve taken with it.

So now all I have left are the griffin’s talons, tongue, tail, and then I have the outline done and I can start on the colour. I’d like to try to incorporate shading, but I haven’t planned for that, and I think it’s best to keep it simple. I can try complicated another day. Someday, I could try my own designs. It’d be weird to see my square-headed tiny people on fabric.



End of Day Two

Got back  from the meeting a little bit ago. It was nice, mostly chatting, but I actually got something done. That makes it different from NaNoWriMo write-ins. All I ever did at those was talk. And meet my future husband.

We picked better colours, so when I finish the outline, the insides are gonna look ace. Also gave in to temptation and got some patterns that I’ll have to modify colour-wise if I want a chance at ever trying them.


So that’s where I am at the end of my second day. There are a couple of mistakes, but as far as I’ve tracked down, they are not noticeable unless one is in possession of the pattern. Lucky!

It’s so nice to have something I can look at. I’m kind of gooning at it I’m so happy and tired.

Got an unexpected break, so tomorrow might be another good day for getting stuff done. But I still have 99 themes and a writing itch.


Book and griffin progress report

Reading: The Yellow Fairy Book compiled by Andrew Lang; 10.7%

So far, I have been able get a good assesment of my abilities during what I call the Honeymoon Stage. It all looks pretty good right now, but I have yet to be truly swamped. And the week still promises plenty of opportunity.

As I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the list to grow longer and it isn’t that long, I don’t want to list out the books I have finished for this month just yet. There are three, all of them on my last list of Read But Not Finished.

Mini-rant: Somehow, I managed to finish The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi. The first book, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, had its problems, but it intrigued me. Interesting things happened, and the climax at the end was unexpected, cerebral, and even a little xute and bittersweet. I’d rather the second book had been a retread than an incredibly tedious account of a story that the anime covered in the often-skipped Episode 00.

This is an anime that had five episodes that were not only almost identical, but all animated from scratch.

Anyway, the other two books were much better. I may write about The Fury another day. A book with twists I actually believed.

Today, I’ve mostly been working on my griffin. It’s looking pretty good. I’m going back to it after I post this, and there’s a meeting tonight, so hopefully I’ll get even more done. Right now, I’m debating some questions of colour. Originally, it was going to be brown, but since I used black to outline, I think I might see if I have a dark grey and then use the brown for the talons.




Exhausted is the word. But despite bumps, I did find time to do a couple of things. I got to read, and maybe tomorrow I’ll write a post about my reading progress. Hopefully not to just complain about Sighs.

Most progress I’ve had today was with my second try at cross-stitching a griffin. Can’t remember if I said much about it, but my last attempt was on too small a cut of linen.

I cut some aida yesterday, but didn’t actually start working on it this morning. Got a fair way through, too. I went for trying to complete the wing first and am now amazed that I did exactly that.


I kinda like it that way. It looks like a dragon mask. Anyway, I’m gonna start on the head next. Lots of fiddly bits. I want to do something nice for my nieceykins. Maybe a frog or princess on a blanket.