The Best of Baby Updates!

Jackson is here! He was born not long after midnight on July 25th, tiny and perfect. I had to take this picture quite close in order to make him look bigger. He’s seriously a little bitty peanut.


Anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows this. It wasn’t exactly live updating (labour was short but INTENSE) but 140 characters and a photo is easier than actually remembering my laptop so I could write a blog post. As much as I considered early baby, and I tried my best to prepare everything beforehand, it still took me totally be surprise. ^^; I forgot my toothbrush, shampoo, laptop, and shoes.

Recovery is going to take awhile. My arthritis has flared up drastically, and this is my first time not relying on formula. So any time my underweight baby wants to eat, I’m the only one who can feed him. Underweight means that he eats basically all the time. But we’re lucky that there’s nothing wrong beyond his needing to eat more. I guess I just have tiny pixie babies.

I had originally intended to put up some kind of notice when I went into the hospital, but that didn’t happen. S’pose I shall have to settle for taking the week off and then resuming. I read a couple of books that had been on my list for some time. I also have SO MANY THOUGHTS about a lukewarm romance. Reviews are coming.

Also, with the arrival of baby Jackson, we’re overhauling our living space. Since I can barely walk (yay post delivery pain) I can happily focus on all of the good of this situation. Like getting a mini fridge! Seeing all the weird use of space and moving boxes! Sorting baby clothes! But the best part is a project that I have been wanting to get to for months: sorting the BOOKS. I’ve found myself missing books that I bought and had to put in storage when we moved ages ago. I’ve also read things I do not want to keep (Oh Seduced by Mr Right, how could I have known you would go so wrong?) and books that I will totally read someday but wouldn’t mind swapping storage status with something I want to read sooner.

There may be pictures if I can find some particular gems. I will certainly stop mid-work to read. In particular, I know I won’t make it past the first A Lee Martinez book I find. And Fly By Night needs to be found so I can reread it again and then put it next to Fly Trap. I may also have a second copy of the former with the original title.

It’s nice to be back. I’ll still be running on very little sleep. But I’m back. :D