Chat Transcripts

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can put up transcripts of the chats (in case they’re too hard to read, what with white text on coloured backgrounds), but WordPress isn’t really set up for that kind of thing.

Given that, this is a dummy page, parent to the pages containing each of the actual transcripts.

You can also click one of these links, if navigating the menu is too cumbersome. Also, if there get to be as many as I think there will be, it might start getting ridiculous to even bother with the menu at all.

Round 1

Chat 1 transcript

Chat 2 transcript

Chat 3 transcript

Chat 4 transcript

Chat 5 transcript

Round 2

Chat 6 transcript

Chat 7 transcript

Chat 8 transcript

Chat 9 transcript

Chat 10 transcript

Round 3

Chat 11 transcript

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