Chat 5 transcript

lolkarma: dude

daftneophyte: Aw man not right now.
I am busy.

lolkarma: :p are yoo rly? doubt it

daftneophyte: I don’t care if you believer me or not.

lolkarma: what
are you talking to your GF?
oh wait you dont have one nemors

daftneophyte: Like you ever have. Smug ass.

lolkarma: qhy you thnkig about my ass?

daftneophyte: Because you’re using it to type. Learn to spell.
You’re the one whose first language is English.
And you supposedly speak more additional languages than I do.

lolkarma: i can spell
english spanish frekin german
just ont’ feel lke it

daftneophyte: Hmph.

lolkarma: w/e
what are you doimg neway?

daftneophyte: Work. I know it’s a foreign concept to you.

lolkarma: nuhuh i have a job
pays good
u know rent and stff

daftneophyte: Sigh.
Can I ask you a question?

lolkarma: shoot buddy

daftneophyte: Do you believe in monsters?

lolkarma: yu mean lik aufhockers nad siht?

daftneophyte: How can you spell that and not… you know what? never mind.
Yes. Like aufhockers.

lolkarma: guess so
i mean wyh not

daftneophyte: Just checking.

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