Chat 6 transcipt

shillelaghins: I was talking to Kaapo earlier.
He said you’re having internet problems?

aqualass: yeah
Things have been okay today
But since I don’t know what was going on, I can’t help feeling kinda antsy about it.

shillelaghins: Can’t say I blame you.

aqualass: But speaking of thelibrarian…
we were talking on the phone yesterday and I think he’s in trouble.

shillelaghins: Oh?
What kind of trouble?
And…is it okay for you to tell me about it?

aqualass: I think so
he didn’t tell me not to
and I think you could help him.

shillelaghins: Uh-oh.
That’s exactly the kind of thing a law student never wants to hear.

aqualass: i know. Sorry
but it’s not something he did.
It’s that gang he used to be be in.

shillelaghins: Oh damn. Are they bothering him again?

aqualass: Yeah. he said he thinks they shot at his dog.
He found a bullet casing in front of his apartment
and his dog won’t go outside anymore.

shillelaghins: Shit.

aqualass: Yeah

shillelaghins: Okay, he just went offline a little while ago to go to work.
But he usually gets back online after an hour or so.
I’ll talk to him.

aqualass: Thanks Ro
You are a peach!
i’ve gotta go to school ttyl

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