Chat 9 transcript

pretendinaryfriend: there
0wn3d moth3rfuck3r

lolkarma: shit
howd yu do taht?

pretendinaryfriend: mad skillz
that is all

lolkarma: dayumn

pretendinaryfriend: i kn0w rit3?

lolkarma: hwo r yu not marrid wit skillz liek tat?

pretendinaryfriend: bitch3s g0t n0 s3ns3 thats h0w
srsly th0
u just g0tta not suck

lolkarma: guesss o
bluh bluh

pretendinaryfriend: n0th3r gam3?

lolkarma: nah gtta go
do this thgn

pretendinaryfriend: n00b

lolkarma: no cuz really
its knida moportnat

lolkarma: actally
yo u couldhelp me out

pretendinaryfriend: m3bb3 i d0nt wanta

lolkarma: comon
dont be a scrooge

pretendinaryfriend: kay what

lolkarma: ill send it to ya
but then ig otta sing off

pretendinaryfriend: la la m0th3rfuck3r

lolkarma is sharing a file with pretendinaryfriend
lolkarma logged out.

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