I never remember this page is here. The information is outdated again, but still relevant. I still have RA, but now Owen is three years old and in school.


Wow, this got ancient. Everything I wrote is still true, and it hasn’t really changed much. I started writing more about writing, and I put up more projects that fizzled out (never seemed to bother anyone, so yay!).

Lots of things have happened since I started writing this blog. I finished more novels, met and married my husband, and found out that I have rheumatoid arthritis. We went to Alaska and grudgingly returned to Utah, still hope to move to Ireland, but we’ll see. I changed jobs to become a nanny of two adorable and wonderfully weird children whom I still fondly refer to as Thing 1 and Thing 2, although my worsening arthritis forced me to stop working, period. I put one of my finished novels up on Smashwords (and other places).

Right now, I’m six months pregnant with our first child. Two ultrasounds have made us pretty darn sure it’s a boy, and since we’re fairly organised people, we already have a name in mind, so I talk to little Owen a lot.

Old version of this page that is oddly still true and kind of relevant:

Although I started this blog with writing in mind, I also draw, and I suck at talking about myself when I’m on the spot–barring random bits of information such as my love of Zamenhof and Kevin Conroy.  I’ve been reading and writing since I was three years old, and I even used to make my own books.  Of course, they were made of recyclable paper and staples, but I had an enterprising spirit.

I’m always working on something.  Usually I don’t finish whatever it is, but it’s the way I am.  Besides, it’s fun to talk about just about everything.  Mostly what I’ll put here will probably be exactly that stuff–works in progress in pieces that I have written before the inexplicable (and numerous) halts.  Or just me talking about my bizarre thoughts.  That happens a lot.  Whatever entertains me.  Sometimes I suspect that I keep this blog because it’s a way to make myself feel validated, without the need to actually display my thoughts to people.


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