What to say? I don’t have a punchy tagline about where I live or my cats (I don’t live anywhere interesting and I don’t have any pets).

I’ve kept this blog off and on for a number of years. In a way, I feel like I always want to return to what it had been the summer I read The Sword for the first time. Perhaps that’s why I’ve hit on book blogging most often. I’ve also posted drawings, which I no longer do thanks to rather severe rheumatoid arthritis. Writing is another preoccupation of mine, though less so with RA and two children. The smaller of the two is named after a Chinese K-Pop star, which probably tells you more about me than you realise.

Most recently (January 2018) I’ve felt unmoored. I came back to my blog after the hopefully understandable break that happened after Jackson was born in July 2017. I dislike displaying vulnerability in a way that my husband has told me is like that of an elderly British gentlemen born in another century (not a specific one) but I’ve endeavoured to be upfront about my struggles. Particularly with having a chronic pain condition. I’m not where I want to be right now. But I’m working on it.

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