Writing Romantic Scenes at 2AM


Listening to: Kiss Me Kiss Me – 5 Seconds of Summer

Not a sexy scene, but a romantic one. Gideon is supposed to be thinking about what he likes about Itamar at this point. I tried listing his good points: he’s good-looking, funny, protective (good and bad thing all at once) and they have stuff in common. Itamar reads and he’s nice, even if he is a bit worryingly devious.

Anyway, it’s 2 in the morning and I couldn’t think of anything to write. But stubbornly would not go to bed before Hubby. So I thought, oh just ask him to describe what he likes about me and I could sort of take off from that until I figured out what to write.

I forgot that Hubby uses ALL OF THE WORDS. So he started off on this speech that I’m just too tired to listen to. Probably there was something nice and sweet in there about us having the same values, but then the subject of my possible death came up and he just started ranting about hating stupid people, so I had to interrupt him.

Me: So basically, you love me because I agree with you and I’m not a shithead.

I can’t stop laughing.


A semi-collaborative comic

The other day, I was in a bit of a funk. I didn’t feel like writing all day, and when I finally opened up 750 Words to write a chapter, my keyboard’s batteries died. They were still alive enough to shut down my computer when I slammed my fists on the keys. (but I did write today, I think I have a minimum of five chapters before the book is done)

Later, I was still feeling annoyed and kind of having a hard time focusing, so I asked Dither if he wanted to write a comic. He asked what kind, what I wanted to do, and I really didn’t have an answer, so I just started drawing. It turned out fairly ridiculous. He talked and made some future ideas, so the direction is largely his, and some of the second one I drew was technically his writing and my perversion thereof.

This could be a thing. I’d like to keep doing it, but I’m pretty sure that I can’t draw these when I’m by myself. Half the fun is in cracking up over how insanely derpy the drawings get and how the “writing” evolves. I also don’t know how often I’ll draw them.

He named it. The only problem I see with this “comic” venture is that people are going to think I have a horrible opinion of my husband, and all of the meanest depictions of his form and personality are ones he thinks of. The premise was his idea too. I just drew an angry face and “i don’t think this plan is FANtAsTiC”.

Also, that grin is the biggest grin that I have ever drawn.