Chat 2 transcript

heliotropicalica: <33333

pretendinaryfriend: 0h n0 u cant just tak3 that 0ut 0f c0nt3xt

heliotropicalica: can so!

pretendinaryfriend: n0

heliotropicalica: so i am liek your dreeeeam girl!!

pretendinaryfriend: s0 n0t
m0ar like nit3mar3

heliotropicalica: you looooooove me

pretendinaryfriend: shut up u c0w

heliotropicalica: can’t fool me
now we know
now we know

pretendinaryfriend: n3v3r t3lling u anything AGAIN

heliotropicalica: oh come on tell me the rest!
so you dreamed we got married
and then what
did we have dreambabies?

pretendinaryfriend: 0h g0d i hat3 u

pretendinaryfriend blocked heliotropicalica

heliotropicalica: :’c

pretendinaryfriend unblocked heliotropicalica

pretendinaryfriend: fin3 ill t3ll u th3 r3st
its just a dr3am th0
s0 d0nt lik3
mak3 a gu3stlist 0r s0m3 shit

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