Chat 11 transcript

daftneophyte: If I straight up told you that you are abominable…
Would that hurt your feelings?

buttonhole: prolly

daftneophyte: No reason.
What are you up to?

buttonhole: hell no you read it

daftneophyte: Read what?
I read a lot of things.

buttonhole: my crapsack novel
why did you read it
i dont know who even sent it 2 u

daftneophyte: Okay but you don’t gotta cry or anything.
I hate everything I read.

buttonhole: screw you not true
you like fking ayn rand

daftneophyte: That is the most disgusting thing you have ever inadvertently said.
Also I do not.

buttonhole: ur the only preson i knwo who doesn’t rag on her

daftneophyte: I want to pretend she doesn’t exist.

buttonhole: whatevr
do you belive in monsters?

daftneophyte: Huh?

buttonhole: its just a question

daftneophyte: Fucking stupid question.
Who even asks crap like that?

buttonhole: srry geez
guess thats a yes then

daftneophyte: If you’re just going to imagine my responses to your random shit questions, I might as well change my status and get some work done.

buttonhole: you do that

daftneophyte: [busy]
The genius to whom you are attempting to speak is currently too high on the evolutionary ladder to respond to you. Please practise self-improvement and try again later.

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