First doodle in a long time

I’m having a nasty flare-up that seems centred on my right hand. So of course I downloaded Krita and drew a picture.


Not used to it yet. For one thing, I didn’t realise that Krita starts ZOOMED IN. So this finished product is smaller than what I thought I was working with. Or I did something else wrong, whatever. It is way better than I feared. I used Corel Painter IX for so long that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use anything else.


Fan Art

This is not as good as it should be, considering how much work was involved.  First I had to find my tablet, then I had to war with Wacom drivers for half an hour. (stupid plug and play mucked things up)   Then I found out that MS Paint now uses anti-aliasing. BECAUSE THAT MAKES ANY KIND OF SENSE.

Gonna save up for whatever version of Painter that Corel has reached. Until then, I have paint.



Silly doodle

I really ought to have more of these in order to justify the post, but I’m lazy. Also, I was really proud of the hand. I drew it while staring at my left hand in rather the same manner as this guy is regarding his own fatso digits. (yes, right now mine are swelling, it’s kind of funny)

Maybe all of this time that I’ve been having trouble writing (well, finishing more than writing) is because I am in an art bend and I was not paying attention to it. The dolls were a GATEWAY INTO MADNETHSSffFFff.

Seriously though, the only reason that I didn’t go all-out and full body shot this guy is that I couldn’t figure out what to do with his other arm without killing the anatomy. Aside from the issue with his pinky, that hand really did turn out rather well. I need to stop looking at and/or thinking about it though. The creeping list of ills is itching into my brain. His knuckles are not right!

I’m done.

Short post to make up for yesterday’s long one. I’ll try to post another one today to even out my empty, empty month. Especially if I get a chance to re-read the Blue Fairy Book.